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  • Many companies require money from external sources in order to expand or operate. There are five main methods that you can use to raise money for a more »
  • ​Whenever a business has been purchased or sold, an Agreement of Purchase and Sale must be written and signed. The Agreement of Purchase and Sale will provide details about what is being bought or more »
  • ​Sole proprietors, partners, and corporations can enjoy a reduction in the amount of taxes they pay by deducting allowable business expenses from their annual income prior to applying more »
  • If you want to stop conducting business and voluntarily dissolve your Ontario corporation, there are several steps that you need to more »
  • The law dictates that you must register your business name if you are operating your sole proprietorship under a name other than your own legal more »
  • A business can choose to become bankrupt when it is insolvent and when it owes over $1,000. A business is insolvent when it is no longer able to pay its debts on time, or when the business cannot pay more »
  • Simply put, registering a copyright is legal evidence that you are the rightful author/creator of the work. Registering your copyright also provides legal evidence that your work is protected under more »
  • A copyright usually lasts for the lifetime of the author plus another 50 years after the date of the author’s death. In every instance, the copyright will always expire on December 31st of the last more »
  • Construction liens are a way to ensure that owners, contractors or sub-contractors pay the people they contract to do work for more »
  • Copyright infringement arises in circumstances where a person copies, performs, or displays a copyrighted work in public without the permission of the more »