Bankruptcy & Insolvency


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  • Bankruptcy laws are often tough to understand given the numerous requirements, regulations and procedures that have to be observed when filing. However, bankruptcy laws are very important as they more »
  • A creditor is anyone to whom you owe money. Creditors can include friends, family, credit card companies, and banks. Unpaid creditors have a number of options to collect unpaid more »
  • There are many alternative options available for a business facing financial difficulties other than bankruptcy. One alternative is to make an informal or formal proposal to the business’s creditors. more »
  • If you want to stop conducting business and voluntarily dissolve your Ontario corporation, there are several steps that you need to more »
  • A business can choose to become bankrupt when it is insolvent and when it owes over $1,000. A business is insolvent when it is no longer able to pay its debts on time, or when the business cannot pay more »
  • Having your own business can be a joy, but also a real pain. Whether you are planning on buying or selling a business, there are quite a few things to consider when doing more »