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  • You’ve always wanted to see a darker side of Harry Potter, imagining him developing a dangerous crush on the sadistic, tempestuous Bellatrix Lestrange. Realistically, though, you know that storyline more »
  • In a world where the Internet is the number one source of product marketing, domain names have become crucially important, as have the regulations and laws that deal with more »
  • Given that we live in a digital world where the Internet has become the norm in our daily lives, it’s not surprising that a new form of piracy has arisen in recent years called “online piracy”.read more »
  • When you want to officially register the logo of your company then you will have to file a trademark more »
  • Before one even starts to put together an application to register a trademark in Canada one should be aware that although a lot of things are allowed to be trademarked that doesn’t mean everything more »
  • In Canada, a copyright arises as soon as a work comes into more »
  • Patents are great ways to ensure that nobody claims your inventions as their work but there are a lot more advantages to patents than preventing someone from copying your more »
  • If your patent application has been approved and you have been able to register your invention with the patent office, it is now protected and you have exclusive rights to it for a maximum period of more »
  • Before filing a patent application there are a few things people wanting to file a patent should do. However, it’s never a good idea to wait too long, because with patents, the rule is first come, more »
  • Unlike patents, copyrights automatically arise once original work has been produced. Copyrights are valid for the entire lifetime of the creator of the work(s) and 50 years after the creator’s more »