Intellectual Property


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  • So you’ve written an awesome poem and you are convinced that this is the greatest poem in the world and you’re the next Margaret Atwood. Great! Have you ever wondered though whether you actually own more »
  • Imagine this: you have just written a cool song, and you’re sure it’s going to be a hit. You play it for your friend and the next thing you know, the song is on the radio, but your friend is being more »
  • If you’re a writer, blogger or photographer who publishes their work online then you’ve likely had your content reused without your knowledge. Because it’s so easy to do (and to get away with) more more »
  • Do you have a great idea for a new product? Are you putting the finishing touches on an amazing work of art? Or are you starting a new company and want a unique logo or name? In order to protect your more »
  • There are several reasons why you should register an industrial design. First, the law requires that in certain circumstances you must register an industrial design to protect you from unlawful more »
  • Your hard work and ingenuity has paid off, and you’ve created an exciting new invention. Now you need to protect it from copycats and thieves. You need a more »